Los Monstruos are funny and furry monsters that I've been drawing since 2007. During the years I've created different objects, such as tote bags, t-shirts, notebooks, and calendars.

The first thing I ever made was the Monster Pillow. It started as a school project during my year in Barcelona at the Escola Massana. Since then, I've made around 300 pillows of 4 different colors and sold them around the world through my Etsy shop.

Los Monstruos 2013 calendar
Each monster is named after a great Italian artist from the 19th century so the reader can discover an inspiring artist every month. At the end of the year the calendar can become a zine by cutting out the text.


Los Monstruos 2014 calendar
Each monster suggests a New Year’s resolution for 2014, such as calling grandparents more often or eating more veggies. It's a small collection of simple things to remind yourself.