Ciao! I'm Giulia*, an Italian illustrator, cartoonist, and designer with a love for everything related to dogs, comics, Japanese pop culture and quirky gifs.

I spend my time drawing, writing stories, creating illustrations for clients, and developing personal projects (mostly books).
My goal for 2018 is to focus on storytelling and to expand my visual research in surface design, patterns, and stationery.

Currently, I split my time between Barcelona and Bologna
I love working remotely while living in a new place, my next dream destinations are Tokyo, Mallorca and Reykjavik.

Feel free to get in touch if you'd like to work with me or send me pictures of dogs!

* Giulia read as JuliaScroll below to read an extended Biography.

The dog is @marutaro from Brutus Magazine, Tokyo 2016. Photo credit: Brahm Revel.


"Incendi Estivi", Bao Publishing (2015)
"Bacio a cinque", Topipittori (2011)
"Milk and Mint", Proglo Edizioni (2008)

"Sonno Gigante Sonno Piccino" written
by Giusi Quarenghi, Topipittori (2014)


The New Yorker, The New York Times, Ferragamo, Rolling Stone, Planadviser, Vice Magazine, Handsome Brands, Topipittori, Linus, Il castoro Editore, Vita Magazine, Einaudi Ragazzi, Edizioni EL, Mondadori, Il Battello a Vapore, Feltrinelli, Giunti, Helbling Languages.


Cfp Bauer, Freeshout Festival, Fieri di Leggere, Giannino Stoppani, Giulia Mirandola, Hamelin, La Scatola Gialla, Minimondi, Parsons School of Design, L'Unituà, Più Libri Più Liberi, Treviso Comic Book Festival, Tribù dei Lettori.


2014 — Ai-AP Illustrator Annual 33.
2014 — 3x3 Annual Picture Book Show n.11 Merit award.
2013 — Society of Illustrators Golden Medal for Teiera.
2012 — Lucca Comics and Games Best Selfpublisher with Teiera.
2012 — TCBF Best Comic Author for "Bacio a cinque", Topipittori.
2012 — Mostra degli Illustratori of Bologna Children's Bookfair

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Giulia Sagramola was born in Fabriano, Italy (1985). She studied visual communication at ISIA Urbino and illustration at Escola Massana. Since then she has been developing personal projects like self-publishing and handmade objects. Afterward, she lived 5 years in Bologna where she worked 6 months for BilBOlBul Comic Festival, then moved to freelancing full-time.

Since 2010 she has self-published books under the name of  Teiera , with Sarah Mazzetti and Cristina Spanò, the label counts more than 20 issues between books and zines involving artists from all over the world. For Teiera she worked as art-director, graphic designer and curator as well as a contributor with her own artwork.

She spent 2015 in an art residency at the Maison des Auters in Angoulême (France) where she made her graphic novel Incendi Estivi (Bao Publishing). 

During the years her work has been honored by Bologna Children Bookfair, American Illustration, 3x3 Picture Book Show and the Society of Illustrators. Her last picturebook Sonno Gigante Sonno Piccino (Topipittori), written by Giusi Quarenghi, won a merit award at 3x3 Annual Picture Book.

She likes traveling, reading novels and comics, watching tv-series, eating gelato and stalking dogs. She now lives in Barcelona where she shares a studio with fellow illustrators.


Giulia Sagramola (1985) è nata a Fabriano e ha studiato comunicazione visiva all'ISIA di Urbino e illustrazione all'Escola Massana. Da allora ha sviluppato progetti personali come autoproduzioni e oggetti handmade. Dopo gli studi ha vissuto 5 anni a Bologna dove ha lavorato 6 mesi per BilBOlBul, per poi proseguire come illustratrice freelance a tempo pieno.

Dal 2010 autoproduce libri come Teiera, con Sarah Mazzetti e Cristina Spanò, il progetto conta oltre i 20 volumi tra libri collettivi e fanzine, coinvolgendo artisti italiani e internazionali. Per Teiera è art-director, graphic designer e curatrice, oltre a contribuire con i suoi lavori.

Ha passato il 2015 in residenza d'artista presso la Maison des Auters di Angoulême (Francia) dove ha realizzato la sua graphic novel Incendi Estivi (Bao Publishing). 

Nel corso degli anni il suo lavoro è stato premiato da Bologna Children Bookfair, American Illustration, 3x3 Picture Book Show and the Society of Illustrators. Il suo ultimo libro illustrato Sonno Gigante Sonno Piccino (Topipittori), scritto da Giusi Quarenghi, ha vinto una Merit Award al 3x3 Annual Picture Book.

Nel tempo libero ama viaggiare, leggere, guardare serie tv, mangiare gelato e stalkerare cani per strada. Attualmente vive a Barcellona dove condivide uno studio con amici illustratori.