Agency: Handsome Brands
2014 / 2016

In 2014 the London-based agency Handsome Brands commissioned me to work on a series of watercolored dog illustrations for the brand Barkers for Dogs.

As often happens to me, it all started from a personal project I shared online.


Sausage Dog

I made this cute jumping dachshund as a personal project in 2009.
Since then it went viral, generating as many copycat rip-offs as interesting jobs like this one.

The first part of the project involved designing 7 dogs connected with the shop's main sections: spa, grooming, nutrition, accessories and bedding.


I watercolored the final illustrations
on different layers to make it easier for the designers to edit them.

The illustrations have been used on the website, to promote the store and to decorate the windows and interior design.

I was also asked to draw a sketched version of two funny dogs to be used for cards and packaging. 


Over the years I've been regularly called upon to create new illustrations.

Thank you
for reading till here!